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Korea is one of the countries that conduct the most active medical research in the world.

medical research
Digital Hospital Operation of Slipless, Paperless, Chartless, Filmless, EMR System
Average life expectancy 79.4 years (men 76.1 years, women 82.7 years)/ average of OECD countries --79 years
Infant mortality rate 4.1 death per 1,000/ average of OECD countries-- 4.9 death per 1,000
Health spending 6.8% of GDP by establishing national health service system (average of OECD countries-- 8.9%)

Based on advanced IT technology, most medical institutions in Korea operate system effectively (digital hospital) and the government
carries out national health service for every citizen, which make Korea maintain excellent heath indicators.

Korean government carries out health policy in order to have global competitiveness in medical treatment fields including cancer, cardiovascular disorder and organ transplant.
In addition, in terms of medical treatment in the fields of cosmetic surgery, skin care and dentistry, Korea has been recognized as the best in the world. Besides, Korean medicine, which is an unique traditional medicine, as alternative and preventive medicine has been recognized around the world.

  • five-year caner survival rate (%)
    five-year caner survival rate
    name of disease Lorea USA
    stomach cancer 47.3 23.2
    liver cancer 13.1 9.7
    uterine cancer 79.8 70.6
  • 인the number of sickbeds per 1,000 for medical treatment for less than 30 days
    OECD average 3.8 units
    Korea 7.1units
    USA 2.7units
    England 2.2units
    France 3.7units
  • Number of CT units per 1 million people
    OECD average 20.2 units
    Korea 37.1units
    USA 33.9units
    England 7.6units
  • Number of MRI units per 1 million people
    OECD average 11 units
    Korea 16.0units
    England 5.6units