Based on the highest level of medical technology, the Korean government carries out varied support programs such as
adoption of medical visa, registration of inviting institution and approval of medical institution’s accommodation and
incidental business for vitalizing medical tourism in Korea. In addition, the Korean government has made cooperation
with other countries for extension of relevant industries and foreign patient friendly infrastructure and system improvement
so that Korea becomes a global hub for health and medical service.
Since the invitation of alien patients was permitted by the revision of the Medical Law in 2009 and Korea entered global
medical market in earnest, the number of alien patients who has visited Korea for the purpose of medical treatment has
reached 344,407. In 2011, almost 122,297 aliens visited Korea for medical treatment.

Progress of the number of alien patient (medical tourist)
(year:patients)2009:60201, 2010:81789, 2011:122297, 2012:159464, 2013:211218, 2014:266501, 2015:296889, 2016:364189

The greatest merit of taking medical treatment in Korea is that the alien patients can receive various high-quality medical services in reasonable price without delay.
Through government’s evaluations of hospitals credibility and medical institutions performance, medical service of Korea always maintains its high quality. As of October of 2012, 52,283 medical institutions operates its business while providing aliens of high quality medical service in various fields including general checkup, cardiovascular disorder, Korean medicine, skin care, cosmetic clinics and procedure, cancer treatment, diabetes and spinal surgery.

  • Medical institutions
    • Total 52,283 institutions
    • 43 upper level general hospitals
    • 1900 hospitals
  • Medical equipments
    • Da Vindi robot system : 26 unit owned by 11 hospitals
    • Proton treatment facilities: one unit owned in Korea as the only one owned in Asia.
  • Medical costs
    • a third of that in US/ two-thirds of that in Japan Coronary artery bypass $24,000
      (17% of $144,000 in US)
      Spinal fusion $17,000 ( 17% of $100,000
      in US)
  • Medical technology
    • 64% five-year cancer survival rate
    • excellent treatment for diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, spinal diseases, skin troubles. And excellent cosmetic procedure and Korean medicine cancer treatment, and.

Korean government and medical institutions put their best efforts to help alien patients to take easy, convenient and safe medical diagnosis and treatment in Korea.