Expected effects

Expected effects
  • Improve brand value
    Improve the city's brand as a medical city and its reputation in the world
    Develop into a hub city of international medical tourism and improve the city's position in the world as a medical tourism city
  • Revitalize local economy
    Induce use of local commercial areas by attracting moreforeign patients with severe diseases
    Abundant opportunities for local development, including the Magok District with one of the world's largest botanic parks
  • Growth of medical tourism
    Ripple effects throughoutrelated industries (medical services, shopping, food, culture, etc.) with large impact on employment
    Expectationsforqualitative and quantitative growth of medical tourism
  • Expected quantitative effects (by 2018)
    Production inducement of approximately170 billion won, added value inducement of approximately83.9 billion won, income inducement of approximately41.5 billion won, employment inducement of approximately3,426 new employees (1,478 in medical services and 1,948 in tourism)