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    Basic Information
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      Obstetrician and Gynecology, Internal medicine, Children & Adolescence Medicine, Anesthesiology, Family medicine and Radiology

      The hospital, which is located at hwagok-dong, Ganseo-gu, Seoul, opened as the Hwang Se Young Obstetrician and Gynecology Hospital in July, 1977 and changed its name into the Wise Hwang Hospital. Currently, the hospital operates 6 fields of treatment, obstetrician and gynecology, internal medicine, children & adolescence medicine, anesthesiology, family medicine and radiology and 4 clinics of infertility clinic, breast and thyroid clinic, heath improvement clinic and postnatal care clinic.

      Respecting with the values of empathy, impression and trust, the Wise Hwang Hospital considers patients health and peace of mind its top priority. The hospital spares no effort in touching patients by paying careful attention to small things such as eco-friendly interior, safe environmental-friendly material and fresh domestically produced ingredients. In addition, through cooperate with local community and social organizations, the hospital puts its social responsibilities into practice by carrying out various activities including sponsoring for movement of knitting woolen hats for African newborn babies, health care for North Korean defectors and providing lunch for live alone the old.

    • 시설현황
      Total area: 2582m2 (land) / 10,010.81m2 (building)
      72 beds (36 premium beds, 36 standard beds)
      4 operation rooms
      Parking space for 134 vehicles
    • 특화진료
      Infertility clinic “Pregnancy success is our hope and will”
      Infertility clinic “Pregnancy success is our hope and will” The most important principle for infertility treatment is to figure out the exact cause as soon as possible and make proper effort to cope with. The Infertility clinic of the Wise Hwang Hospital has common goal of pregnancy success and provides personalized treatment for each patient. Through both surgical treatment such as drug treatment and laparoscopic procedure and assisted reproductive technology including artificial insemination and test-tube baby, the hospital improves the chances of pregnancy success every year. In addition, in order to strengthening the patients’ will to pregnancy success, the hospital carries out , every year various projects of customized consultation with specialist doctors, mentoring program with couples who have succeed pregnancy and victory over infertility project which aims to relieve economic and psychological burden to the couples having difficulties in getting pregnant.

      Health improvement clinic, “Take care of your health while you still have it”
      The Wise Hwang Hospital is not only a place for taking medical checkups but also a clinic having the best system. By introducing high-tech medical equipments such as electronic fluorescence endoscope and precision ultrasonic wave equipment, the hospital has improved the accuracy of medical checkups. Through thorough follow-up care system, the hospital provides prompt and accurate dealing with the result of checkups, tracking checkup for patients and service linking with other special hospitals if necessary for treatment and surgery.
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