SOREE Ear Clinic Otorhinolaryngology

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    Basic Information
    • 진료과목

      Concentrated treatment on ear disorders
      [Hearing loss, tinnitus, ear infections, microtia (aural atresia/stenosis), vertigo, Meniere disease, vestibular neuritis, otolithiasis, congenital cholesteatoma, and other ear disorders

      "Hospital of every ear disorder patients’ dream"

      Seek out the top level medical services
      Provide the best medical environment and services
      Never leave anyone behind

      Soree Ear Clinic provides the top level medical services on ear disorders including hearing, balancing function, and language rehabilitation, earning global fame from patients around the world who seek professional care.

      Soree Ear Clinic also leads medical research and education sector by holding to invite leaders of the cochlear implant.

      "How can we do our best in treating ear disorders.."

      With its vision and core value, SOREE Ear Clinic is continuing its quest to fulfill its vocation.
      We will continue our effort. Thank you.

    • 시설현황
      • B1: Office for medical staff
      • 1F: Admission, Hearing test rooms, Hearing aid center, Hearing gallery
      • 2F: Doctors’ offices, intensive care units, CT rooms, vertigo test room 1
      • 3F: Operation room, vertigo test room 2, Live surgery observatory, seminar room
      • 4F: Patients’ rooms, lounge
      • 5F: VIP patients’ rooms, music therapy room, daycare center
      • 6F: Speech therapy room, audiometric test room, cochlear implant mapping room
    • 특화진료
      Surgery & aftercare for ear disorders
      • Microtia reconstruction, cochlear implant surgery, EASㆍHybrid cochlear implant surgery
      • Bone conduction implants/BAHA, tympanum implants, chronic otitis media surgery
      • Myringoplasty/tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, stapedotomy, and other surgeries for ear disorders
      • Mapping of cochlear implants, fittings for hearing aids

      Audiometric tests
      • Audiometric tests, tympanum tests, high-frequency hearing tests, tympanometry, stapedial reflex tests, tinnitus tests, TEN TEST (test for dead region)

      Tests for ear disorders
      • Residual hearing tests for children, neonatal hearing screening (NHS) & special tests, tests for hearing disability, tests for vertigo disability, unilateral hearing loss tests, partial hearing loss tests

      Implants & aid gain tests
      • Ear aided gain tests, aided gain test on cochlear implaints, aided gain tests for bone conduction hearing aids, CROS hearing aid tests

      Vestibular function tests
      • General vestibular function test, specific vestibular function test, otolith function tests & retests, acoustic nerve tests

      pecial audiometric tests
      • ABR tests, ABR threshold tests, evoked potential tests, auditory steady-state response (ASSR) tests, vestibular-evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) tests, HearLab, ECoG tests

      ar function tests
      • HINT test, hearing tests, direction tests

      • Speech therapy, music therapy, acoustic test & trainings (hearing tests, cochlear implants, aids gain tests on hearing aids and cochlear implants for children)
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