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      pain care, dermatology, respiratory, digestive, pediatrics, gynecology, psychiatry, etc

      Selected as foreigner promotion agency by Mistry of Health and Welfare in 2016.

      Located in Gangseo-gu Miracle-Medi Special Zone, close to the airport

      Provide total care from pain to beauty care

      Provide individual service to each person in family and friends

      All staff endeavor to provide patient-prior high-quality service

    • 시설현황
      Total area: 6 floors above ground, 2 floors underground.
      78 beds (as of November 14, 2009).
    • 특화진료
      1.1. Pain/Relaxation
      -No just alleviating pain artificially, it helps circulation at pain part to help natural recovery.
      Therefore, few side effects and natural friendly treatment.

      - Melissotherapy is treatment that bee venom is extracted from honey bee’s venom sac and manufactured then injected into meridian point Melissotherapy treats and prevents diseases by controlling vital functions with biochemical effects, and improving pathological conditions.
      - It helps maintain maximum spinal alignment by proper control of soft tissues and joints. It is focused on improvement of muscle balance, spinal stability, and prevention of chronic pain recurrence.
      - Cupping treatment uses cup-shaped glass or plastic on the part of body to treat by using negative pressure. By using air-vibration, it promotes blood circulation, and helps cell regeneration and detoxification. It is also good for muscle pain and spasm, and fatigue recovery.
      - It is burning moxa at one or more than one blood spot. It drives coldness out by warming meridian point, and stops pain.
      - It promotes circulation of energy(氣, ki) and blood, and diminish pain by stimulating meridian point by very thin needle.
      *Only disposable acupuncture is used for safety and prevention of infection.
      【Herbal acupuncture】
      - It uses stimulus at meridian point by herbs and acupuncture. Once it is applied on the meridian point, herbs stimulate the point for maximum two days.
      This process helps normalization of cell function at the point, relief of muscle spasm, and reduction of inflammation.

      1.2. Beauty care
      -No worry about foreign materials because of no artificial prostheses insertion.
      -No infection worry because of no invasive procedure like incision, surgery, etc.
      -Make healthy skin by helping facial circulation.

      ▸Furrows by.【Maesun-acupuncture】
      - PPO thread is made with biodegradable macromolecular used as a suture at cardiology for long times. Each thread is injected into the epidermis and dermis by using very thin acupuncture. While thread is absorbed, production of collagen and elastin fiber are promoted. Soft and new collagens form a net, and this improves skin elasticity and tone.
      ▸Fine wrinkles by.【Jungan-acupuncture】
      -Fine acupuncture is injected into specific wrinkle point, meridian point, muscle, and thereabouts. This process promotes production of collagen, skin elasticity, removal of wrinkle, and improvement of skin tone.
      ▸Pimple, scar by.【FNS】
      - This treatment, called ‘Percussion’, stimulates over three hundreds of meridian points comparing with facial acupuncture which injects 80~120 acupuncture into face. This method stimulates and treats structures located deeply in the dermis. This process promotes, collagen production, cell regeneration, fine wrinkle removal, furrow softening, and skin texture improvement.
      Cleansing – DEEP Cleansing - (Squeeze-out) - Anesthetic cream – FNS – Oxygen therapy – Relaxation pack + Modeling – Finish
      ▸Whitening, pore by.【Fine herbal acupuncture】
      - This treatment is rubbing and washing skin with extraction of many herbs for skin regeneration.

      1.3. Wellness
      -It is extraordinarily good for increasing immunity and relieving fatigue.
      -Effect of treatment can be increased, because it is produced as a personalized.

      【Herbal medicine】
      - Herbal medicine is a compound of natural herbs. Herbal medicine can be prescribed for acute and chronic symptoms based on individual characteristics, and improves entire body condition. Also, healthy people can take herbal medicine for preventing disease.
      - It is good for chronic fatigue, dizziness and migraine by enhancing function of liver and immunity.
      - It is good for weak constitution or physically exhausted situation by strengthening function of heart and kidney.
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