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    Basic Information
    • 진료과목

      Rehabilitative medicine, Orthopedics, Medical imaging, Internal medicine, Family medicine

      Na Yeong-mu, who is the main doctor for the figure-skating queen Kim Yu-na and the national Korean football team, opened Sol Hospital in February 2004.
      Focused on providing a comprehensive range of patient-centered healthcare services, the hospital distinguishes itself from others with its non-surgical spinal and joint treatment programs, pain and sports (after-surgery) rehabilitation programs, and preventive care against spinal and joint injuries. Through a campaign of donating medical talents, the hospital provides free-of-charge services for the disadvantaged and marginalized, and has now established itself as an active member of the local community.

    • 시설현황
      Total area: 918m2
      79 beds
      Non-Surgical Spinal Operation Room / Non-Surgical Joint Treatment Room
      Spinal Correction Center / Spinal Injury Prevention and Management Center
      After-surgery Rehabilitation Center for professional athletes.
    • 특화진료
      Non-surgical Spinal Treatment
      1. Non-surgical treatment of discs:
      • Selective decompression operation for disc plasma (L-DISQ, or disc removal procedure): L-DISQ involves injecting a very fine tube (the first direction-controlling operational tube developed in the world that is 1mm in diameter) into the patient’s disc and runs high-frequency plasma energy through it in order to remove protruding discs without damaging the surrounding parts.
      • High-frequency thermal treatment for disks (DET).
        2. Non-surgical treatment of spinal nervous system:
      • Epidural endoscopy
      • Neuroplasty
      • High-frequency thermal coagulation.

      Non-surgical Joint Treatment
      1. Extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT) 2. High-output laser treatment 3. Special proliferation treatment 4. DNA cell treatment.

      Non-surgical Chiropractice
      1. Chiropractic spinal adjustment
      2. Graston technique

      Sports Medicine Center
      1. For athletes Rehabilitation/condition Management Program
      2. For everyone Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Program

      Stroke Paralysis Rehabilitation
      1. Exercise therapy room
      2. Work therapy room

      Health Examination Center
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