Sang-sang Pain Clinic Neurosurgery·Osteopedics

Basic information

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    Basic Information
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      Spine/shoulder/knee disorders; pain syndromes / neuralgia / herpes zoster, etc.

      Top doctors from the MISS Center of Qooridul Hospital opened Sang-sang Pain Clinic for more accurate diagnosis and proper treatments with different levels of expertise, to practice love and care.

      The doctors have seen so many patients who suffered from pain after expensive medical tests and treatments. However, many patients can recover without unnecessary and costly tests and treatments. That’s why the experts decided to gather in a small clinic.
      For the first time for a clinic, Sang-sang Pain Clinic is equipped with CT imaging devices to offer the best treatment without expending high treatment costs.

      Sang-sang Pain Clinic offers the best expertise and techniques that will revive the inert nerves without costly treatments. Now it’s time to experience their true ability. Sang-sang Pain Clinic will serve its patients with accurate and safe treatment.

    • 특화진료
      Non-surgical Treatment of cervical disc herniation
      • Non-surgical Treatment of disc herniation involves injection of drugs to a certain part of nerve roots descending to legs or arms. CT is more practical in performing cervical nerve blocks.
      • Cervical nerve block can be performed more efficiently and accurately with CT scans. Sang-sang Pain Clinic is one of the pioneers of CT nerve block techniques at the clinic level.

      Effect of nerve blocks
      • Blocks vicious circle of pain/ Suppresses pain; enhances blood circulation/ Anti-inflammation and anti-edema effect on the affected sites/ Improves self-healing ability of the patient
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