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    Basic Information
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      Orthodontic treatments, invisalign, implants, front teeth shaping, whitening, teeth restoration

      Logos Dental Clinic is the only dental hospital in the Gangseo Area.
      The 15-year-old dental hospital greets patients with happy, confident, and friendly staff at Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu (Exit no. 4 of Balsan Station (Line No. 5)).

      Dr. Lee Yeong-chul, founder of the hospital, is the pioneer of lingual orthodontic treatment in South Korea, after extensive research at Indiana State University for 1.5 years,
      after receiving a doctor’s degree in orthodontics at the School of Dentistry, SNU.

      America, Japan, and France are the leaders of lingual orthodontic treatment at present, but Korea has emerged as one of the leaders in the field, at least 10 years ahead of the rest of the world.
      Dr. Lee, after experiencing limits from his own private clinics and observing dental hospitals and clinics, founded Logos Dental Clinic by combining the advantages of general hospitals and private clinics.
      Patient consultation is just as important as actual treatments. Based on the original Logos methods, medical staff of Logos Dental Clinic consult patients by exploring needs and characteristics of individual patients.
      By analyzing psyche, characteristics, and needs of individual patients with a set of simple questions, the skillful staff of Logos Dental Clinic guide patients throughout the course of consultation and treatments.



    • 시설현황
      Entire area & clinic area: 661m2/264.5m2
      1 operation room
      Parking space: Free parking in front of the clinic
    • 특화진료
      Logos Dental Clinic has dental microscopes as part of its unique clinical services.
      Dental microscopes can improve overall satisfaction level and prognosis of the dental treatment by helping with more accurate diagnosis, finding cavities and cracks invisible to the naked eye.
      Dental microscopes can also help in more precise treatments in applying implants and laminate porcelain, performing endodontic treatments, and other dental treatments that require precision.
      Dental microscopes can also help patients have more confidence in their dental treatments as they can consult dentists while looking at their own teeth from the monitors connected to the microscopes.
      Look bigger, get healthier teeth.
      For accurate diagnosis and precise treatment with dental microscopes, come to Logos Dental Clinic.
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    • 진료시간
      Weekdays - 09:30 ~ 18:30
      Saturdays - 09:30 ~ 17:00
      (Lunch break 12:30~14:00)