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    Basic Information
    • 진료과목

      KM gynecology, Sasang constitutional medicine, dermatology, acupuncture, allergy, TA (Traffic accidents)-related trauma treatments, and tonification therapy

      First founded as the Seoul Kyunghee KM Clinic in 2002, Leebyeongsam Korean Medical Clinic moved to the area near Balsan Station in July 2016, after serving residents of Gangseo-gu for 15 years.

      At Leebyeongsam Korean Medical Clinic, dedicated KM doctors will analyze your constitution based on your skeletal structure (outer features), characters and emotional deviations, and your reaction to various food and herbal ingredients. Your constitution will guide you in food and drug intake, as well as an overall healthcare strategy against illnesses caused by deviations in your constitution and emotions.

      The devoted doctors of Leebyeongsam Korean Medical Clinic will treat your conditions with the utmost humility in a comfortable space for healing, with the will to ‘be kind’ and make the clinic ‘comfortable and safe.’ Let go of your burdens in your mind and body at Leebyeongsam Korean Medical Clinic.

    • 시설현황
      Total Area 199m2
      10 Beds in treatment room
      Test & Treatment equipment: Infrared thermography (whole body/partial); Body composition analyzer (fat/water); acugraph (Palm microcurrent test); HRV (heart rate variability) test; iris test; Aqua-bed (warm water massage); High-frequency thermal therapy
      Parking space for 270 vehicles from B1~B7
    • 특화진료

      - Joint treatment of conventional/Korean medicine in infertility, subfertility, and artificial insemination
      - Treatment for missed abortion and recurrent spontaneous abortion; aftercare for natural and artificial abortion
      - Uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, PMS, endometriosis, adenomyosis, leucorrhea, cold limbs, insensitivity, anemia, weight loss
      - Morning sickness, cold, and itching of pregnant women
      - Postpartum care, postpartum obesity, postpartum pain (sanhoopung)

      - Extensive and successful cases on gynecological conditions since 2002
      - Successful pregnancy of women whose cause of subfertility was unclear in terms of western medicine.
      - Natural pregnancy by women with obstructed Fallopian tube

      Analysis of Sasang Constitution; Constitution enhancement
      Instruction on overall healthcare regime by constitutions
      Instruction on diet regime by constitutions

      Yixuerumen, one of the classics in KM, says that “I’d rather treat 10 gentlemen than treating one lady”, indicating the difficulty in treating gynecological conditions due to complexity in their physiological and pathological features.

      Leebyeongsam Kyunghee Korean Medical Clinic has gained vast treatment cases on gynecology, as well as ‘easier’ treatment cases of men, children, and senile patients. Infertile men, undergrown children, patients with weaker immunity, and senile patients also came to the KM clinic for better health.
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