GANGSEO HIMCHAN HOSPITAL Neurosurgery·Osteopedics

Basic information

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    Basic Information
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      Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Internal medicine, Internal medicine for, rheumatoid arthritis, Diagnostics, Anesthesiology, Medical imaging

      Total orthopedic hospital having joint diseases center and spine diseases center

      Himchan Hospital, the first hospital for joint diseases in Korea, has 8 branch hospitals in Gangnam, Gangbuk, Gangseo, Mokdong, Eunpyung, Bupyung, Incheon and Busan and all the branch hospitals has special system for diagnosis, medical testing and surgery .

      The hospital has established medical environment to treat all kinds of joint diseases by operating 7 special centers including artificial joint center, arthroendoscopy center, spine diseases center, cartilage regeneration center and nonsurgical treatment center and special treatment system for diseases of foot, shoulder, hip joints and orthopraxy. In order to cope with the current changes that the kinds of joint diseases vary in society rapidly changed, the hospital also concentrates on developing various cutting-edge surgical procedure and treatment method so that it can shorten treatment period as much as possible and the patient can be free from the pain.

      Doctors of people all around the world

      With high-quality medical technology, Himchan Hospital treats joint diseases of people all around the world. The number of overseas patients treated in the hospital has been continuously increasing because of its recognized achievement in treating joint diseases and high-quality treatment for overseas patients.

      ‘Arthritis Center’ of Himchan Hospital has carried out basic and clinical researches and published 43 papers in international journals including journals of SCI (Science Citation Index) and SCIE, attracting public attention. The hospital has also built up international network by operating training program including International Fellowship for doctors of joint diseases center in Asia- Pacific region in order to share new technology and treatment achievement in the field of joint diseases.

      Full-time interpreter

      The hospital provides medical services specialized for each steps by operating combined consultation office for overseas patients. In particular, for overseas patients from English-speaking countries, all the medical services are available with no help of interpreters and the hospital always provides full-time interpreters for overseas patients from countries including China, Russia, Japan and France.

    • 시설현황
      Total area: 738.8m2 (8 floors above ground, 5 floors underground)
      121 beds
      5 operation rooms
      Parking space for 70 vehicles
    • 특화진료
      Artificial Joint connection
      Procedures involving artificial joints minimize bleeding and pain by making only minimal incisions, and ensure fast recovery afterward. Himchan applies customized, highly durable artificial joints that meet all the requirements and needs of each patient (e.g., high-convex joints, ceramic joints, joints for women, etc.), while dramatically improving the success rate of surgery by inserting them in the right locations identified by its computer navigation system. The center provides a comprehensive range of treatments and preventive measures not only for knee joints, but also for shoulders, feet, hands, and hips as well.

      Spine surgery
      Himchan first considers non-invasive treatment options, based on precise examinations and accurate diagnoses. By providing exercise and physiotherapy as well as injections, the hospital seeks to minimize surgical burden on patients, while offering a host of other customized, non-surgical treatment programs including neuroplastic therapy, spinal therapy, endoscopy, and so forth. The hospital recommends minimal yet active surgical programs only when all these other options have failed.
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