GANGSEO FEEL HOSPIAL Medical examination

Basic information

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    Basic Information
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      Psychiatric and psychological health, Internal medicine

      The hospital, located in Gangseo, Seoul, also has a partner hospital in Ganghwa County of Incheon. Gangseo Feel Hospital consists of four psychiatrists, one internist, professional agents of psychological health and nurses. It runs the Alcohol Dependency Counseling Center, Psychological Health Center, Social Rehabilitation Center, and others in conjunction with the local community and other neighboring medical institutes, providing hospitalization and long-term outpatient programs for patients with alcoholism or other psychological disorders, ensuring their successful reintegration into society.

    • 시설현황
      Total area: 738.8m2
      190 standard beds
      Parking space for 15 vehicles
    • 특화진료
      Alcohol Dependency Center
      Even though excessive reliance on alcohol can have physically, socially, functionally destructive effects on our lives, some people, due to physical or psychological disabilities, cannot control their own drinking. The Center provides counseling, medications, cognitive-behavior therapy, motivational training, and relapse prevention programs to help people suffering from dependency on alcohol to overcome their addiction and readjust successfully to society.

      Psychological Disorder Center
      The Center provides counseling, medications, behavioral therapy, interpersonal relationship training, social adaptation training, and symptom management for patients of various psychological disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and anxiety attacks so as to help mitigate their symptoms and enable them to manage their symptoms and lives better on their own after discharge from the hospital.
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