Danaeun Spine Clinic Neurosurgery·Osteopedics

Basic information

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    Basic Information
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      Neurosurgery, orthopedics, radiology, anesthesiology

      Located in the Gangseo Miracle-medi Special Zone in Magok area of Gangseo-gu, Danaeun Spine Clinic is easily accessible for international patients from the Gimpo International Airport. Danaeun Spine Clinic is a specialized medical institute with innovative equipment including MRI, and experienced medical staff with fine treatment skills, including Dr. Jeong Teak-gun, who treated many patients from Korea, Russia, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan.

      Dr. Jeong Taek-gun is one of the finest neurosurgeons in South Korea who invented a new treatment method for spinal disc herniation and stenosis using spinal endoscopy, attracting the spotlight in the competitive field of medicine

      Dr. Jeong’s new treatment method is a kind of “choice and concentration” tactics, utilizing technical features of single port endoscopy to minimize adverse events of spinal surgery while eliminating the affected loci.
      It must be noted, however, every patient is eligible for neurosurgery; the hospital advises customized treatments for each patient based on the specific diagnosis by the innovative medical equipment.

      To participate in the of the government, Danaeun Spine Clinic was selected as one of the local partner clinics for , to conduct tests and treatments on early stages of dementia for local residents, and to issue

    • 시설현황
      No. of rooms: 25 rooms (VIP rooms, single rooms. Triple rooms, and quadruple rooms)
      • 2F – Imaging Office, Conference room, Restaurant
      • 4F- Outpatient clinics, Physical/Manipulation Treatment, First aid ward, Pain Clinic, C-arm room, Sonogram ward
      • 5F – 2 Operation rooms, patient rooms, preparation rooms, recovery rooms, pharmacy, lounge
      • 6F – MRI Office, X-Ray rooms, Bone density test rooms, Ultrared & DITI room, Clinical laboratory
      Medical equipment: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), C-arm, DITI, bone density meter, X-ray, spine endoscopy & monitors, arthroscope & monitors, operating microscope, MAC (monitored anesthesia care) & IAS (Inhalation Anesthesia set), postoperative core temperature care system, shockwave therapy equipment, etc.
      Parking space: public

    • 특화진료
      Spine & Joint Surgery & Non-surgery Treatment Center
      • The Danaeun Spine Clinic is famous for its new treatment method called uniport, which is a 0.5cm wide canal for endoscopy and operating apparatus to remove the stenosed loci.
        (PESS-Abbreviation for Percutaneous Endoscopic Stenosis Surgery)
      • (영어 PESS는-Percutaneous Endoscopic Stenosis Surgery의 약어)
      • As the operation involves inhalation anesthesia, the operation can be performed on senile patients over 90 years of age, or on patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, malignant anemia, and stomach ulcers, etc. The incision is only 0.5cm wide and hardly causes bleeding, doesn't require transfusion, takes only 30 minutes to complete, has low chances of infection, and only takes 3 days for hospitalized treatment.
      • Dr. Jeong Teak-geun reported his clinical experiences on uniport surgery to the 5th WCMISST held in Jeju in June 2016.
      • Dr. Jeong was also invited as a presenter to the ISMISS held in Chicago, USA, in January 2017.

      Internal Medicine
      • Stomach & Colon (endoscopy) Clinics; Polypectomy
      • Circulatory System (echocardiogram & carotid ultrasound) Clinic
      • Early diagnosis of thyroid cancer by Ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsy
      • Medical Examination Center aims for early diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders by the cooperation of internal medicine and radiology departments.
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