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Basic information
    Basic Information
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      Medical Cosmetics

      Cha & You Clinic aims for continuing partnership of patients and 20 doctors by setting practical goals with extensive consultation.
      Professional system of Cha & You Clinic offers the best customized treatment based on accurate analysis of skin condition, lifecycles, and general conditions of patients.
      The clinic only offers proven and necessary treatments for patients in economical and customized programs.
      For the last 15 years, Cha & You Clinic gained extensive experience in laser treatment, skincare, and petite plastic treatments. Every staffs of Cha & You will take care of patients like their own family.

      Cha & You is different! More than 600 cases of academic activities
      Participating in more than 600 academic activities and live seminars, Cha & You contributed in the advancement of cosmetics and plastic surgery in South Korea.
      More than 50 training sessions for international medical staff.
      Cha & You Clinic is contributing to the advancement of global cosmetics and plastic surgery by performing more than 50 sessions of training and live presentations for dermatologists from around the world.
      Weekly educational sessions for medical staffs
      Every Tuesday, the medical staff of Cha & You participate in live educational sessions and research on new medical techniques.
      More than 200 appearances in TV shows
      Cha & You Clinic introduced trends in cosmetics and skincare through more than 200 appearances in TV shows (by KBS, SBS, MBC, CBS, YTN, and TvN),
      More than 200 Awards and Certificates
      Moreover, Dr. Yoo Jong-ho won the ‘Moogunghwa Gold Prize’ of the 9th Great Koreans Awards, as well as the Presidential Award in 2014, for development of new medical technique (AST for Axillary osmidrosis).
      More than 600 cases of volunteer works
      The staff of Cha & You Clinic participated in more than 600 volunteer works around the world to help the vulnerable.
      Cost saving by specialization
      Cha & You Clinic performs laser treatment for reasonable prices with 50 high-end laser equipment, 100 professional medical personnel, and 20 dermatologists. Cha & You will continue its effort to offer faster and more comfortable laser treatment for everyone.

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      7 Laser treatment rooms, 1 operation room, 1 patient room, 6 skincare rooms
    • 특화진료
      Axillary osmidrosis
      • Patented treatment technique of minimally invasive micro-AST
      • Take care of axillary osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis in one go!

      • AST is a patented treatment technique.
      • with minimal scarring (3mm of incision) and low recurrence rate.
      • AST is safe. Even children under 14 years old can experience the similar level of effect and recurrence as adults
      • Cha & You has more than 10,000 cases of AST treatment over the last 15 years.
      • The clinic even won the Gold Medal of the ‘Great Koreans Awards.’.
      • The doctors were selected as the ’16 best doctors in treatment of osmidrosis.’
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