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      orthopedic surgery

      The hospital started treatment in 1996 as a doctor’s office of orthopedic and neurosurgery and after then, was reopened as Banghwa Orthopedic Hospital in July of 2012. The doctors are specialized in treatment for shoulder and joints diseases and have a wealth of experience enough to make the hospital recognized as a special hospital for treatment for shoulder and joints diseases in the west-southern part of Seoul such as Gangseo and Yangcheon. Also, the hospital operates radiology department and possesses the newest MRI equipments for more precise diagnosis and medical test. Not to mention surgeries for shoulder, knee, spin and joints diseases, the hospital provides personalized service for each patient through providing various nonsurgical treatment including injection therapy and exercise therapy.

      In addition, through activities in various domestic and international conferences, the hospital has established a bridgehead to enter into the world market by sharing medical technologies and carrying out joint researches regarding shoulder and elbow joints treatment. In recent, doctors from various countries including China, Vietnam and Philippines visited the hospital for taking training sessions, observed the surgery and then went back to their countries. In order to provide friendly family like service for patients, the hospital carries out continuous monitoring of outpatients and make best efforts such as hiring all the word employees as nurses for patients satisfaction. The hospital gets good responses from more local residents satisfied with the hospital’s service.

      Banghwa Orthopedic Hospital will make best effort to become born-again as small hidden champion.

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      Hospital facilities: five story building
      Number of bed hospitals: 30 (reopen in July of 2012)
    • 특화진료
      Treatment for ‘shoulder and joints diseases,’ chronic diseases of modern people
      Due to change of modern people lifestyle, people having jobs requiring frequent use of their shoulders and women should be careful in using their shoulders but they do not take it seriously and easily consider it as frozen shoulders.
      Even though early symptoms of the shoulder diseases are minor discomfort, continuous pain is accompanied as time goes by so that such shoulder diseases become main culprit making the patients’ quality of life decline due to the accompanied symptoms of insomnia and depression. For treating such diseases, Banghwa Orthopedic Hospital has been the leader through the surgery using arthroscope on the basis of the know-how it had accumulated over the years.
      Patient can do their everyday life right after taking surgery and recovery period is short so that the level of patient satisfaction is very high.
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