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      The Yonsei Bareun Hospital is a hospital for medical treatment of spine and joint diseases. The hospital has 2 branch hospitals in Gangnam and Gangseo and operates various follow-up programs in order to help patients return to normal social life though close supervision and firm control to prevent recurrence of spine and joint diseases even after they are discharged from the hospital. The hospital provide one-stop care system: by using high-tech diagnostic equipments, spine and joint diseases can be more precisely diagnosed; and, by the aid of high-tech medical examination devices, the patients can be hospitalized at the same day when they initially visit the hospital.

      1. Doctors and medical team members have wide clinical experience;
      2. One-stop care system makes it available for patients to take surgery/procedure and are discharged in one day;
      3. One-stop care system is provided even in Sundays; and
      4. Through and careful diagnosis and care after surgery/medical treatment is provided.

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      Medical treatments for spine diseases in the Yonsei Bareun Hospital
        1. Non-surgical treatment
         - Spine-epidural neuroplasty
         - Spine-epidural endoscope razor surgery
         - High frequency vertebral pulp decompression
         - Prolotherapy
         - Muscle stimulation treatment
         - Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
        2. Surgical treatment
         - Microscopic disk removal surgery
         - Minimally invasive back fusion surgery
         - Artificial discs replacement surgery
         - Vertebral bodyplasty

      Medical treatments for joint diseases in the Yonsei Bareun Hospital
        1. Non-surgical treatment
         - FIMS therapy
         - Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
         - Manual therapy
         - Kinesiatrics (excise therapy)
        2. Surgical treatment
         - Joint endoscope surgery
         - Artificial joint surgery
         - Knee autologous chondrocyte implantation
         - Knee autologous cartilage cell implantation
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