the Korea Association of Health Promotion(KAHP) Medical examination

Basic information
    Basic Information
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      Internal medicine, radiology, gynecology, pathology, family medicine, laboratory medicine, surgery

      Since its foundation in 1964 as a public healthcare institution, the Korea Association of Health Promotion (KAHP) implemented the National Cancer Screening Program and Health Promotion Project in its 16 branches nationwide for early detection and prevention of diseases. The KAHP, for accurate diagnosis, is establishing a strong and continuous diagnostics system nationwide through quality management, procuring professional medical staff, introducing innovative medical equipment including MRI, CT, and PACS.

      The KAHP is an official member organization of WHO’s Health Promoting Hospitals. The KAHP also obtained S Grade from the national evaluation on healthcare institutions by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Out of 5,500 healthcare institutes nationwide, only 15 institutions got the S Grade, the best grade of the evaluation, and 11 of them were members of the KAHP.

      Strict aftercare including reexamination notification, disease-specific introductions, and provision of examination commentaries, the KAHP is operating a reference system with more than 400 hospital class medical institutions. The KAHP will continue its effort in making your lives healthier.

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      Main building: 10 above-ground floors; 1 basement floor
      Total area: 1663.8 m2
      Capacity of Parking Tower: 100 vehicles
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      Medical Examinations
      • With the basic items for medical examinations, the KAHP also offers specific diagnosis programs including sonography, colonoscopy, and bone density testing, etc., for population aged over 40 who want to perform overall checkup on their health.

      Medical Examinations with PET-CT Scans
      • PET-CT scans are added to the basic medical examination programs for the population over 50 years of age who want to check out their health in depth.
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