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    Basic Information
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      Alcoholic liver diseases, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, fatty livers, and tonification therapy


      My name is Kim Sun-ha, owner of Gangseo Oriental Medical Clinic and Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD). I was born as the 4th generation in a family of OMDs, have dedicated myself in the field for more than 40 years, and my daughter has become an OMD to continue the family tradition.

      I followed the footsteps of my ancestors by treating my patients with herbal medicine, acupuncture, and moxa. But I still felt something was missing, thinking that I might cure the patients suffering from the incurable diseases by using Oriental Medicine. I continued my own research with the secret treatment methods of my family, as well as my own expertise in KMDs. I obtained plenty of favorable results with my research, and during my exploration, the vast knowledge of my ancestors gave me great strength and confidence in my treatment. Apprentices of my great grandfather still praise his secret recipe on a wide range of gynecological and pediatric conditions, by erecting a stele of gratitude, and I, as his descendent, am ever proud and grateful for it.

      But I continued my exploration. I practiced the art of qigong, and by chance, initiated the ability for qi treatment. My challenge soon became my confidence, and many people acknowledged my experiences. Now I feel obliged to tell the world about qi treatment, which lead me to settle in Balsan-dong near Gimpo airport more than 10 years ago, despite the pleas of my neighbors in Cheongju.

      The foremost medical schools around the world are now investing in research on qigong, and many people visit Korea to study the mysterious phenomenon of qi. As I have gathered many cases on superior clinical effect of qigong, I am certain that the practice will be applied more broadly. On this, I am looking forward to advising people who are interested in qi.

      Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) doesn’t confide the concept and treatment of an illness to a single organ or locus. Without dissecting or experimenting, TKM observes conditions of each persons as they are to decide on the course of treatment. Moreover, the TKM values individual characteristics and constitutions of patients in treatments. Qi treatment, in particular, lets the obstructed qi and blood flow throughout the body to treat an illness. In other words, TKM and qi treatment share the common treatment method of finding the very reason of disharmony in the human body and correct the disharmony to make the body healthy again.

      With pure passion for TKM and qi treatment, I’m waiting for everyone interested in the treatment of serious diseases, and my fellow TKM doctors and qigong practitioners for their frank opinions and advice.

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      Jeongsimjeongdo Qi Treatment
      Jeongsimjeongdo(正心正道) means ‘right mind, right way’ in Korean-Chinese.
      If you let go of your jealousy, envy, greed, and vanity, your mind will know the true enlightenment, and your body will heal itself.

      The treatment involves a qi practitioner injecting his or her qi to the patient, helping the patient to recover and maximize his or her own power of self-healing, letting the body heal the illness for itself.

      By injecting the practitioner’s qi to induce the infinite ability of the human body, the qi of the patient will flow naturally, and the body will cure itself.

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