Mayor of Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea Ro Hyun-songWelcome to Gangseo, a specialized city of medical tourism!.

Gangseo-gu is the only district in Seoul, the capital of Korea, where the international airport is located in.
In this district, you can have the fastest and the most convenient access to any domestic and foreign place and thus the
district has a nickname of ‘the center of sky way.
In order to take advantage of Gangseo district’s special regional features, the government selected Gangseo district as
‘a medical cluster in airport base’ for ‘2012 project for invitation of foreign patients and development of advanced medical
technologies’ and then the government has been supporting Gangseo district.

Specialized hospitals of Gangseo-gu satisfying requirements of international standard of patient safety management
provide the world level medical technology and the best patient care service. The hospitals stand out in various fields
including medical treatment of sterility, rehabilitation and ophthalmology not to mention diseases of spine and joint.

We are all well prepared for inviting you by operating coordinator pool for well-organized medical tourism and
training foreign immigrant women as international caregivers for sick for psychological stability and quick recovery of
foreign inpatient.

Healthy life is the best happiness. We hope you visit to Gangseo, enjoy the best medical service and recover your strength.