departure information

  • Application process
    1. Check-in process
    2. Customs declaration
    3. Security checks
    4. Immigration check point
    5. Boarding
  • Check-in process
    Aliens should move to the check-in counter of the airlines and check in. If it is necessary to report to the customs declaration, the aliens should do at the customs check point that is located next to the exclusive large sized baggage counter.
  • Customs declaration
    In case of possessing money amount between 10,000 and 50,000 USD at the time of departure, the alien must report it to the customs authorities, while the alien must report it to the Bank of Korea when possessing more than 50,000 USD.
  • Security checks
    After completion of check-in and customs declaration, aliens must move to nearby departure lounge and pass through the security check. The size of carry-on baggage should not exceed 55cm X 40 cm X 20 cm totaling not more than 115 linear cms. Weight limits for carry-on baggage is 10 kg and any item which may threaten the passengers’ life and safety shall never be carried at all.
  • Immigration check point
    In their turn after waiting in line in front of immigration check point, aliens must show passport,
    boarding ticket and immigration form to the authority.
  • Boarding
    Forty minutes prior to scheduled departure, aliens board the airplane following the flight attendant.
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