stay information

  • Scope of activities
    • Citizens of other countries can stay for the period of stay qualification but must not engage in
      political activities except for those required by laws and regulations.
    • If citizens of other countries desire to have a job during staying in Korea, those must acquire
      qualification of employment and, even in that case, they must work only at the designated work place.
    • If citizens of other countries wish to change such designated work place, those must either
      obtain a permit from or report to responsible Entry and Departure Office with required period.
      Citizens of other countries not having valid employment permit must not be hired, helped or
      invited to find employment.
    • If a person hire, help or invite citizens of other countries not having valid employment permit,
      he or she shall be punished for the violation of the Immigration Control Law.
  • Stay Period
    stay less than 90 days
    stay more than 91 days
    stay with no limit period

    In case of long-term stay or permanent residence, the alien must either obtain a certificate of alien registration or report place of residence within 90 days of entry date.

  • Stay Period Extension
    • If an alien desires to stay in the Republic of Korea over the stay period, he or she must obtain
      a permit for stay period extension.
    • Application period of stay period extension
      • An alien applying for stay period extension must file the application during the period of two months
        before expiration of stay period up to that expiration date.
      • If application of stay period extension is filed after the filing period, fine must be paid.
  • Application of stay period extension
    • The alien or representative can file required documents with the responsible Entry and Departure
      Office in the area.
    • However, the alien applying such application must stay in the Republic of Korea as of the application date.
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